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Barbo Toys

Mumin Doktorsväska

Mumin Doktorsväska

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Play doctor with Moomin. It is never boring to play doctor, and certainly not when the children get their own cute little suitcase filled with cute medical equipment to start playing as a doctor. When children are allowed to play doctor, it gives them a fine understanding in showing care. Teddy bears, dolls, siblings, and companions will be treated professionally when your little doctor arrives with their Moomin medical suitcase. The suitcase has a handy handle that makes it easy for the little doctor to carry the suitcase around. Roleplay stimulates the child's imagination, creativity, empathy and improves their social skills.

Barbo Toys products are designed with passion in Denmark and prioritize sustainability and high-quality materials and innovative game ideas that are intended to support and stimulate the child's imagination and learning development.

Suitable for children from age 3+ years

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